July 2012 Ongoing Business Administration and Human Resources Management

Appfactory SRL
In my current position, I manage all relationships with a large portfolio of clients and contractors and administer contractual and personal matters concerning staff on behalf of Appfactory. I also hold responsibilities for managing budgets and recovering credits. Appfactory is a start-up company that begun developing interactive web and mobile application games before taking on new broader projects. Alongside the management of the company’s administration, I play an active role in developing new products by resolving logistic issues and common faults typically encountered during the testing phase of web and mobile applications.

E2net SRL
Within E2net, I currently manage all relationships with clients and contractors and administer contractual and personal matters concerning staff.

Noisefeed SRL
Noisefeed is a new business that started operating in 2016 following on the success of Appfactory and E2net. Within this company, I am responsible for overseeing a number of administrative tasks, including those concerning the liaison with contractors, clients and the management of human resources.

July 2012 – June 2014 Business Administration and Human Resources Management

Eurotraing Engineering SRL
Between 2012 and 2014, I worked for Eurotraing Engineering undertaking a variety of duties, including the management of budgets and contractual relationships with staff. Amongst the duties undertaken, I was also involved in the procurement of new contracts. For example, whilst working with the company, I led a successful tendering process that resulted in Eurotraing and its partner, “University of Genoa”, being awarded a contract by “Regione Liguria”.

In 2014, Eurotraing was sold and, as part of the process, I undertook all due diligence checks that preceded the sale.

March 2010 –  June 2012 Board of Arbitrators “Regione Piemonte” – Part of “Unioncamere Piemonte”

Whilst studying for my postgraduate degree, I worked within the Board of Arbitrators of the Piedmont District Region. As part of this position, I was responsible for the administrative management of alternative legal proceedings, including arbitration and mediation procedures.
In particular, I held responsibilities for completing administrative tasks concerning the initiation of mediation proceedings, the arrangements of meetings and liaison with relevant parties as well as for recording and formalising resolutions.
I was also responsible for organising training and events for the professional development of mediators and to raise awareness amongst the public over mediation. This work experience informed the content of my postgraduate dissertation titled: “Alternative Dispute Resolution”.